Listen to Kurt Cobain’s lost 1988 “Montage of Heck” Mixtape

kurt cobain

If you were anything like me, your troubled youth was soundtracked by the offerings of grunge muso Kurt Cobain, while he front-manned legendary super band Nirvana before tragically taking his own life (something that is still very much debated by conspiracy theorists around the World). Fans of Nirvana and the man himself rejoiced as a 30 minute mixtape put together by Kurt Cobain was unearthed earlier this month and uploaded to Vimeo after 20 odd years hidden from the world.

It was reported that Cobain recorded the mixtape when he was 21 years old in 1988 on a four-track cassette recorder, shortly before the release of Nirvana’s first studio album “Bleach”. The most interesting thing about the “Montage of Heck” mixtape was the selection of artists that featured on it which include the likes of James Brown, the Partridge Family, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Frank Zappa, The Monkees and children’s favourites like The Flintstones and Sesame Street.

Take some time out to gain some insight into one of the most gifted musicians of the modern era.

Kurt Cobain’s “Montage Of Heck” from SpaceEcho on Vimeo.

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