Listen To a Never-Before-Heard Interview With The Late Kurt Cobain


Earlier this month a never-before-heard recording surfaced on Bandcamp of then-student, Roberto Lorusso interviewing the late front-man of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain. The conversation took place in 1991 in Toronto, kicking off the band’s North American tour for their album ‘Nevermind’. The grunge artists had just signed to a major commercial label and Lorusso admits in the description of the clip that he was terribly unprepared for the interview. Listen to the full 9 min clip below and read what Lorusso had to say about meeting Cobain.

“This is the entire unedited recording of the interview, inarticulate musings and all.

For context, the recording starts while Kurt Cobain and I were having a casual conversation about censorship. Specifically, he was asking if we had something similar to the PMRC that was attempting to censor artists. This is where the recording starts. It ends with him patiently recording a “Station ID” promo for my university radio station, CHRW in London, Ontario, Canada. In between is well… yeah… not great.

To Mr Cobain’s credit, he was remarkably patient and kind considering how not well prepared I was.

This interview was recorded on Sept. 20, 1991, at the Opera House in Toronto, Ontario. I was 21 years old at the time… [Read the full description on Band Camp]

Released November 2, 2018

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