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Daughter of the late Kurt Cobain – Frances Bean Cobain has, for many years now, worked hard to free herself from the shadow of both her larger than life father, the late Cobain and her mother Courtney Love. Frances has been focusing on a variety of projects recently, ranging from her artwork and merchandise to writing her own music.

In recent IG post, Frances shares a snippet of a new song she is working on. The artist and model described the song as ‘the creative death rattle of 2018’ and also included the lyrics in her post. This is not the first time Frances Bean Cobain has shared her original music online and earlier this year reports surfaced that the young Cobain had signed a two-album deal with Columbia Records. Listen below.

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Crazy for it You think I’m goin down I think I should be in line to Save myself I don’t mind the sun sometimes Break me open And I’ll fall to pieces State your business Or keep your distance I’m not done just yet Long live no one Nowhere never Keep telling yourself it’s gotta get better As you move through time As you move through time I wrote this here rough yet delicate tune last night. The creative death rattle of 2018, as it were. It’s been a weird one but I’ve never felt more creatively charged or more in control of my own narrative.

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