Liquideep Interview


Liquideep Bio:

Liquideep is made up of Ziyon (singer, songwriter and producer) and Ryzor (DJ and producer). The duo hooked up in 2007 over a mutual love of hook-laden, melodically rich, deep house music.
Just two years after their formation they caught the attention of the entire nation after their popular track, Fairytale was play-listed on every major radio station in South Africa. The track went on to receive a nomination for Song of the Year at the 2010 SAMAs (South African Music Awards).
Their distinctive beats have already attracted remixes from popular underground international DJs including Suges, Lars Behrenroth, Jonny Montana and House Device. In addition they’ve been commissioned to remix seminal acts like Stephanie Cooke.
Following their Oscillations mix contribution on House Afrika Sessions Vol. 1, they finalised their debut album, Fabrics of the Heart, which was released in May 2010.

Quick Interview with Ziyon

MCBN: How would the you describe the style of music that you play?

Liquideep: vocal house with a pinch of deep and soul

MCBN: Marmite or Bovril?

Liquideep: what was the question again? … 🙂

MCBN: Who is your favourite local artist and why?

Liquideep: black coffee, everything he puts out is quality, he spends a lot of time on his work which inspires us a great deal

MCBN: If you could perform with any artist or group dead or alive, who would it be and where would you like this “ideal” gig to take place?

Liquideep: 2pac, Bob Marley, Biggie, Jamiroquai, Cold Play and Black Coffee

MCBN: Favourite food?

Liquideep: changes every week, @ moment – chicken wrapped in dumbling

MCBN: What is in your cd player/on your ipod at the moment?

Liquideep: Alicia Keys

MCBN: What is the best blog in the entire world? (any answer other than MyCityByNight will hugely frowned upon)?
As much information for each one would be great.

Liquideep: Ofcourse: MyCityByNight

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  1. i must say am absolutely loving the album, i wake up to it and it puts a smile on my face……….welldone liquideep your music is beyond beautiful:):)

    1. I would say I totally agree, the album is the boom. Plus am inlove with Ziyon it makes it even worse.

  2. you know dis is the new year but these guys are still making me to get up and dance. i cant dance but play farbrcs of the heat then you will cee. well done guys!!!much love

  3. i love too muchyour song guys its amazing and lovelly… at present i’m listining your good grooving. halla

  4. u guyz rock,my fvrt sond is dreams coz is very inspirational.i am a cristian & am very picky as to what i listen to,but u guyz mananged to find a special place in my heart.stay blessed.

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