Liquid Rainbow’s Premiere Mobile-Bar Solution Is What Your Next Event Needs!


Liquid Rainbow has long been a massive part of the festival scene. Quietly, behind the music blaring backgrounds of many events, the brand has been serving fresh drinks to thirsty party-goers for years.

Grown from a passion for working with people, with backgrounds in hotel management, film, events, restaurant and even tourism, Liquid Rainbow’s mobile bar service not only complements any occasion but is also a driving force in their success. Based in the Western Cape, South Africa, they have sculpted the local industry and set the standard for years to come through their consistent efficiency and dedication to service – it’s no wonder you can spot them at almost any major event in Cape Town. With a friendly team of highly qualified managers and crew, Liquid Rainbow has become popular regular amongst organisers and promoters.

The family-owned business also strives together to ensure their work is environmentally conscious, their culture aims to minimize humanities carbon footprint by incorporating re-cycling and up-cycling into their service. Although dominating the festival scene, Liquid Rainbow also serves at weddings, private and corporate functions.

The company has a well-established supply network, meaning you’re guaranteed there’ll be enough to drink for everyone at your event at all times. There is also no limit to what size your event may be, Liquid Rainbow has the setup capacity to suit any gathering from small to huge!

With over twenty years of experience, there are very few challenges this crew haven’t seen or overcome. For more information on Liquid Rainbow and their amazing service and team, and what they can offer your next event then visit the Liquid Rainbow website and follow their facebook fanpage to get in touch today.

Also, take a look at our 2018/2019 Festival Calendar Powered by Liquid Rainbow, right here.

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