Limp Bizkit & Lil Wayne have a made a song

limp bizkit & lil wayne

Yes you read right, Limp Bizkit and Lil Wayne have released a song called Ready to Go. After people didn’t really go and buy the last Limp Bizkit album, Gold Cobra, they decided leave their record label to join Lil Wayne’s Cash Money Records alongside artists like Drake, Tyga and Nicki Minaj.

I’m not really what to think about this tune – I like Lil Wayne and used to be a big Limp Bizkit fan back when I wore Joe Soap’s and shit but there’s something that’s just a little bit odd about this track. The new album called Stampede Of The Disco Elephants and doesn’t yet have a release date. Oh and to make things worse, DJ Lethal isn’t even in the band anymore because he’s too much of a joller (too much of a joller for Limp Bizkit? So confused).

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