Limo? Im coming in a coffin!

For most of the Matrics or GR12’s, as they’re called these days, a matric dance is an evening to remember… For some more so than others.

I managed to stumble across these pics of a Cape Town girl’s brilliant idea to mix things up a little bit and go to her Matric Dance as… wait for it… A vampire.


Screw getting a limo… if you really want to be cool you’ve got to show up to your Matric dance in a coffin!


PS. Random coffin girl- you are now officially a Cape Town celebrity, hell i’ll even buy you a drink if i see you out…

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  1. No ways… that is pretty original!!

    hows this for an idea, pitch u in a cake and pop out the top 😛

  2. hahahaa, Kenrick, how did you find this! Verrrrry original I must say…

    We could always get a stripper to do that hey Blair?? 🙂

  3. You dont want to know what I typed into google to get this… haha. It is a little bit strange though you have to admit- what an entrance, guys with bibs and all.

    What I want to know is, did she rent this coffin or is it one that she's bought and is keeping for that fateful day?

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