Lil Wayne I am Still Music Tour Winners- Sorry for the wait

This week is going to be yet another monster in terms of entertainment here in the Republic… Yup, you guessed right, Lil Wayne is going to be tearing up crowds across South Africa all week. I for one. Am. Excited!

The lucky people who will get to see Lil Wayne live courtesy of Canoc Productions, Channel O and MCBN are:

Cape Town:







You all will be contacted by end of business with details…

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  1. I am so so sori 2 botha url bt m reali lucking 4 1 free ticket 2 lil wayne concrt. . .M 1 crazy fan of hs, n its ma birthday on 12 DECEMBER 2011 plz hlp me owt. . .I cn do anythng jst 2 get da tickets. . . .IT WS A DREAM CME TRUE 4 ME WEN HEARD DAT HE WS CMING HERE BT BT BEING BROKE SPOILD EVRYTHNG plz plz plz . . . . .DURBAN

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