Lil Wayne I AM STILL MUSIC South African Tour 7,9,11 December 2011

One of the greatest rappers of our generation and my personal favourite hip-hop artist Lil Wayne is on his way to South Africa as part of the I AM STILL MUSIC tour in December this year. Having been a major part of the hip hop industry for years his CV is more impressive than most, having sold countless records and even being responsible for the creation of the term “bling bling”.

His lyrics and wordplay truely make him one of the best entertainers of our time and I for one am looking forward to seeing him live and hopefully getting the chance to chat with him as well. The peeps responsible for making the tour a reality are Canoc Productions who you all will be familiar with after the Trey Songz event earlier this year. It has been a long time coming and it really is good to see local promoters putting in the effort to bring some big names to South Africa.

The tour dates as quoted on the Lil Wayne I AM STILL MUSIC official website are:

7th December- At the Bellville Velodrome Cape Town

9th December- At the Coca-Cola Dome Jozi

11th December- Venue TBA Durban

Tickets are on sale from Computicket from 8am 24th September 2011

We’ll definitely keep you all up to date on developments as time goes by… I can just see it now- Lil Wayne on stage and on pops Drake (who just happens to be in South Africa at the time as well). Yes please… Shades darker than bitch but I can see!!

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  1. wow what marvelous opportunity to see tha world best hip hip rapper live,these guy drop dupes i love lily wayne music, hustler music,g67foot,gonnoriah.go wayne show them dowg u da best.

  2. Wow ai man its ganna be crazy….weezy at da cocacola dome 9th December yea I’m going 4 sure….even if I must sell my phone to get me sum tickets!!!….ai King Weezy u better perform over time….we aint ganna let u leave da stage!!!

  3. I like rap, but lil wayne is too soft for my taste, i mean if you like listening to no melody rap then go ahead. what he does is he just go to a rhythm and stop and repeat it all over again. i don’t want to sound rude but his clearly not the best rapper out there.

  4. if you miss this , you basically miss a life time……. is the best rapper alive…. YMCMB plus ricky rozay in the building what more can you ask… ME T.J thomas jisse 23 i already bought my ticket to heaven on th 9th….

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