This Is What It’s Like To Party At Dan Bilzerian’s Mansion

This Is What It's Like To Party At Dan Bilzerian's Mansion


Dan Bilzerian is one of those dudes who obviously just had the best possible luck when it comes to the lifestyle and things that are part and parcel of his everyday life. He spends most of his days partying it up with some of the most sizzling mooiness out there and has enough cash lying around to ensure that he never ever has to work a proper day again. In his latest endeavour he’s decided that he was over his bachelor pad (read epic party haven) and needed something a bit bigger that was closer to his brother.

He’s just bought the house below for $5.1 million and it features everything from an underground car park to a fire pit and a pool (firepool?) and the standard 5 bedrooms with 9 bathrooms. Have a scroll through the pics and then watch the livestream of one of his parties from the new pad:


















No hey.., that’s not right. I need to hustle harder.

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