Like A Virgin

So this thought was born out of a hilarious comment from Ricky himself. Something along the line of, “All my serotonin has returned to me like the knowledge of how crap I was in bed the first time…” I think we can all relate!

So naturally it got me to thinking, that surely there must be many of us that had that ‘awful’ first experience, and come to think of it – excuse the pun – it must be a hell of a lot worse for men? The pressure must be horrible on your first time!

After asking a few of the peeps, it seems that there is a resonating answer, with only one or two really thinking their introduction into the sexual realms was acceptable, and that they wouldn’t change anything, for the rest of us – we want a definite do over!

Most of the initial interactions were done with people that weren’t the ‘love of our lives’; it was in an awkward position or place, with nearly everyone saying they would relive the moment with someone else.

For the guys it seems that they were all taught by an older female counterpart, with the ladies basically just wanting to get the deed over and done with!

We spend our days of virginity planning the great event, praying that it does seem as romantic as most of the movies or televisions shows render it! Unfortunately, most of us are horribly disappointed when it’s left being done on the back seat of a car, in a hostel bedroom (with cheering mates in the next room – talk about a walk of shame), with a close friend or a summer fling…

To add insult to injury, for the most part, there were embarrassing events such as premature release, bumping heads (and no I was not referring to crossing swords), a lot of pain for the girls… leaving you with the a very uncomfortable silence, not knowing whether cuddling would be an acceptable part of play or be called a solid foul!

The good news is that we all seem to share the same anticlimax, leaving our first time – I quote from someone I questioned – ‘…NOTHING to write home about…’

The other good news is, that hopefully along the path of sexual maturity, most of us have climbed into ‘How To…’ books, listened to our partners – taking their input as learning curves rather than personal attacks, chatted to mates on some pointers, or just read enough FHM tips to give all of us more of an edge.

For those of you that feel you are still pretty sucky in the sack – once again excuse the pun… don’t stress your little heads. This site will of course try and assist in any way we can to guide you through the darkest routes… All you have to do is ask!

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