Lighthouse Festival SA 2017: Joy Is All There Is

Lighthouse fest cover

Joy. That’s the overriding feeling.

I woke up on Saturday kak-excited. Uber-cool Croatian electronic music celebration, Lighthouse Festival, was making its South African debut. There are dozens of fantastic parties that happen over the course of our season. We have come to expect high standards at these events and for good reason; many of them are excellent. But something about Lighthouse felt different.

We’ve pretty much exhausted our repertoire of positive adjectives. Words like awesome, amazing and wonderful are so tired that they don’t really carry the same weight anymore. They’ve been diluted. Corrupted. And it sucks. Which brings me back to joy. Every single bloody person that missioned out to Soetwater did it for love. The love of electronic music and the love of listening to the luminaries, local and international, doing what they do better than almost anyone else in the world.

The result? Joy.

Lighthouse by Closure
Lighthouse by Closure

I’m trying to recall all the different accents I heard. There were so many internationals at this thing that would probably be easier to list the ones I didn’t hear. Russian, perhaps. I spoke to an American chick, a Greek lad, two Australians, a French dude, 3746 Germans and someone from BLOEMFONTEIN (!!!) in the bus on the way there. That might have something to do with the fact that a 45-minute drive turned into a two hour story because the driver got lost three times. Says something about the quality of people on the bus that no toys were thrown out the cot. Every single one of them was there for love. For a good time. With absolutely no interest in making life worse for anyone else. Getting to know each other through laughter and stories. The only way it should be.


Also, the food trucks weren’t charging R100 for a boerie roll. Well played there, lads.

There’s no need to tell you that every single artist was off the fucking scale. The sheer quality of the music, the sound. Special mentions to Patrick Kunkel, HVOB, andhim and Vinni Da Vinci, whose sets stuck with me for various reasons. It was an education in electronic music. Also, ARMYofTWO absolutely killed it with their afterparty-closing set at ERA. Yoh. If Lighthouse Festival SA 2017 proved anything, it’s that the Cape Town scene caters to a worldwide market that is all about pushing the envelope for sights, sounds and socialising. Three crucial things, there.

The experience that I was a part of on Saturday was unshackled, shameless joy. Bring on 2018.

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