Lighthouse Festival Presents ‘Mix of The Day’ | KIM ANN FOXMAN | Rinse FM 2018


Lighthouse Festival‘s “vacation-style electronic adventure” kicked off yesterday with a plush pre-festival poolparty and today, the Lighthouse collective will host a panel of talks in collaboration with Bridges For Music. Tomorrow’s main event will feature a killer lineup of local and international talent. One artist, we are we are particularly excited to see headline the festival is Hawaii-born artist and DJ, Kim Ann Foxman.

Foxman shot to fame as a vocalist and has since gone on to become one of New York’s finest DJs and a prolific producer in her own right. In celebration of her debut set at Lighthouse Festival_South Africa 2019, we have a special edition of ‘Mix of The Day’ for you – 4 hours of nonstop music from Kim Ann Foxman aired on Rinse FM in 2018 between January and April.

Enjoy each hour-long feature below [or download them] and catch Kim Ann Foxman at Lighthouse Festival 2019 this Saturday at the Soetwater Nature Reserve. For more information, join the event page. Tickets available right here

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