SA’s newest airline, LIFT introduces pet-friendly flights

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South Africa’s newest airline, LIFT recently announced the launch of its pet-friendly option that will allow passengers to fly with certain dogs across South Africa.

Flying with pets is an uncommon practice in South Africa with the exemption of service dogs but LIFT is looking to change that. The airline, which launched back in December 2020, will be the first to allow non-service dogs to travel with passengers.

The dog in question must, however, be small enough to fit into a carrier that can fit under a seat, that’s roughly 28cm x 20cm x 45cm. Passengers wanting to travel with their dogs will also need to submit a special request to LIFT at least 72 hours before the intended date of departure.

The dog must also be at least ten weeks old, and the carry bag must contain absorbent sheets. All dogs travelling aboard LIFT flights must be up-to-date with their vaccines and no pregnant dogs will be allowed to fly. Any dog over the age of seven needs to be cleared to fly by a vet.

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According to LIFT, only a limited number of dogs will be allowed on selected flights that will fly on a limited schedule, with specific dog-friendly seats that are allocated towards the back of the plane.

It should also be noted that passengers won’t be allowed to have their dogs seated on their laps or the on the seat next to them, which will be blocked off. Dogs will need to remain in their pet-friendly carrier bag underneath the seat for the duration of the flight. “After take-off‚ you are welcome to move the carrier bag forward‚ however, neither the dog nor the carrier bag may be placed on the seat,” LIFT said in a statement.

This seat next to a passenger with a dog will be blocked off and charged as the dog’s seat and will reportedly be equal to the fare paid by the accompanying adult.

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