Lief Festival South Africa 2014 has been postponed

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Sadly we’re bringing you the news that the awesome Lief Festival, scheduled for next year has been postponed. The organization behind the massive Dutch initiative is not in the position to guarantee the high standard of the production we’ve come to expect from these parties this year due to a couple of uncertainties and the fact that there’s just over a year left to put it all together.

If you missed out on our post about the festival you can catch up on it over HERE. I suppose that we can’t be too upset by the fact that the organisers would like extra time to ensure that the Lief Festival South Africa is going to be one of the best things we’ve ever seen in SA.


 Have you already bought a ticket?

The organization will reimburse all the people who have purchased a ticket for Lief Festival South Africa 2014. For a refund, please login here:

Then go to “my tickets” under “my account”. Next to the ticket you can request a refund.

Alternatively you can email

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