Liam Neeson plays TAKEN phone prank on Maggie Grace’s ex


In an interview on Conan Obrien’s late night show, Maggie Grace who starred opposite Liam Neeson in TAKEN 3 dished on a prank that he played on an ex-boyfriend. Apparently, Maggie’s ex was a bit of creep and Liam Neeson decided that the only way to remedy the situation was to give the guy a call and talk about using his “special skills” to break the guy’s arm if he didn’t leave the actress alone.

Liam and Maggie recorded the call, which was aired on Conan and sadly, we don’t get to hear the guy’s response to being called by the guy from Taken (I’m sure he wimped out and subsequently wet himself). Not bad for a chap that is 62 years old hey?

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