Legal Street Racing prank is hilarious

legal street racing prank

We do love a good prank here at MyCityByNight and the latest Legal Street Racing one from Youtube sensation Roman Atwood is probably one of the best we’ve seen in a while. The basic premise is that he lineups up two really quick cars next to policemen and traffic cops, pretending to set off on an impromptu street race only to drive off really slowly while playing a soundtrack of cars racing – thus completely throwing the law enforcers off.

Cops are normally quite douchy (I get stopped ALL the time just because my car looks fast, not because I’m doing anything wrong) and the reactions that Roman gets in this prank from them are really quite priceless. Once they it dawns on them that they’ve just gotten all worked up about people driving by really slowly, they begin to realise there’s more to life than oppressing the public.

Check out the full prank in the clip below… what a LAG!

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