Le Castle Vania – What A Night!

I only properly recovered from my Friday nights hangover yesterday but it was worth every bit of it. LE CASTLE VANIA, take a bow! You tore Assembly apart on Friday along with every other DJ that night. It has been a while since I have gone out to a club and been treated, DJ after DJ to a musical treat. Each DJ stepped up after the next and threw their own unique style into their allocated time slot. It was honestly mind blowing how good the music was but we will get to that later in the post. Assembly had been transformed into a clubbers playground with a visual set up to rival any of the biggest parties out there. The stage was rigged with “3-D” screens showing some bad ass visuals throughout the night. There was an insane lighting set up and decor had been spread across the venue. It shows why Assembly is the premier party destination in Cape Town at the moment.

We decided to arrive early to avoid the queue because people said that pre sold tickets had been sold out and the line can sometimes become a little more depressing then waking up on a Monday and thinking its a Sunday. So after a few of us had cleared a couple of bottles at the MCBN headquarters, we headed down to Assembly only to arrive to one of the quietest lines I have ever seen at the entrance of Assembly… EVER! That didn’t worry me; in fact it made me more stoked that I could actually get to the bar without a hassle for the first hour or so. Birdlife Battle Beyond The Stars started off the night but I was unfortunately chilling in the Annex so I didn’t see much of his set. The B Team stepped up next and they were dressed to the occasion. You don’t need to tell these guys what to do when they get behind the decks. They do things their way and proper! Their track selection progressed nicely and they got the crowd jamming and the dance floor filling up nicely, a perfect set to get the party started. They were having such a jam behind the decks and it only got the crowd more pumped up for LE CASTLE VANIA set later in the night.

Next up, Double Adapter – these two brothers have been killing things up in JHB and absolutely blew my mind. I hadn’t heard much about these guys and didn’t know what to expect. They came in with a “take no prisoners” attitude and slammed it right from the start. The beats got harder and darker and by now the dance floor was getting a little crazy. The Double Adapter duo were going mental behind the decks, jumping on the DJ box and heading banging upfront of the stage, we were even blessed with a stage dive during their set. It was so sick. One of the brothers, dressed in a full white suit had a wireless chaos pad which was the highlight of my night, their energy and stage antics are just to sick and got me super pumped up for Le Castle Vania… I really hope we see these guys back in Cape Town more often, they definitely suite the Cape Town electro sound.

One of the most anticipated electro acts that I been wanting to see live and in the flesh stepped up. He started off really hard with the classic remixes he has done mixed in with some of the beats he has produced and slowly progressed into the more Indie sound he is known for. Later on in his set he dropped some HUGE tracks including some Wolfgang Gartner and Dada Life tracks as well, what a legend. By now the crowd was going insane, he had them eating out of his hands. The whole front section of the dance floor looked like a mosh pit. I had luckily found myself a safe place to jam and didn’t move for a good 5 hours. I was lucky enough to have a partner in crime who didnt leave our little battle station we had made our home for those 5 hours. Myself and Pesos jammed solidly and Saturday we had to paid the price for it. I must apologise, as everything from after Le Castle Vania’s set became a big blur. I don’t remember much more then the first 20 minutes of Haezer and then Gordo’s set but have only have good things. This definitely has to go down as one of the best parties of 2010 for me.The music, the vibe, the crowd, the DJ’s, the visuals, the mooiness, the pre drinks, everything… It turned out to be a sick night. MyCityByNight was there, right in the front… Beats Raving… Thank you Discotheque, Assembly and ofcourse LE CASTLE VANIA for an unforgettable night.

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  1. @Discotheque: Sorry about that, error been fixed. Seriously that was one HELLUVA night you guys pulled off. Respect! DJ's were top class, music was out of this world and the venue/vibe was total madness.

    Please keep us updated of who you guys are bringing down next, hopefully someone on the lines of Le Castle (That hard energetic banging electro)

    Maybe Miles Dyson? Maybe Wolfgang Gartner? Maybe Boys Noise or Erol Akan?

    hahahahaa… okay okay, I am pushing it a little bit there 🙂

    Thanks again guys! was rocking…

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