Lazy Teenage Superheroes: A $300 action film

A rather talented director by the name of Michael Ashton took just $300 (roughly R2100) and a very impressive understanding of cinema basics and special effects and made a 12-minute short action film called Lazy Teenage Superheroes. I was completely blown away by how awesome it was… Ok granted that the acting is the best around, you cant really fault the quality given the budget.

I am amazed that home movie editing software has gotten to the stage where somebody with a bit of knowledge can whip together something this great… Cant wait for the sequal 🙂

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  1. Kenny sorry to put it like this but this was one of the worst short action film ive ever seen.. the acting isnt great and the special effects arent Good at all! fair enough it was $300 but Didnt do anything Special for me!

    And the kids who act in it are American idiots! 🙂
    U can do better Kenny

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