Lay’s say South Africans don’t buy Salt & Vinegar – these are our favourite flavours apparently

According to Business Insider, Lay’s have officially confirmed that they will be discontinuing their face twisting Salt & Vinger flavour due to weak sales.

“At the end of 2019, Lay’s Salt and Vinegar flavoured potato chips were not performing as well from a sales perspective vis-à-vis the other flavours in our range – which, amongst other insights, led us to believe that our consumers liked other flavours better,” a spokesperson told Business Insider South Africa.

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According to Lay’s, the largest crisp company in the world, South Africans prefer spicier flavoured chips while the rest of the world leans towards more creamy, cheesy flavours. But the number one selling flavour in the country remains Lightly Salted followed closely by Caribbean Onion and Balsamic Vinegar, and Thai sweet chilli – really?

An online petition has been started on in an effort to reason with Lay’s. The petition reads “Salt and Vinegar isn’t just a flavour, it’s South Africa’s flavour,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Help Lay’s see the light and sign the petition right here.



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