Lay’s Salt & Vinegar makes a sneaky return

Lay's Salt & Vinegar
Images | Mékhail Nielsen, Facebook

Makers of Lay’s, Pepsico have confirmed that their popular Salt & Vinegar flavour has made a temporary return in South Africa after being discontinued early last year.

The company said the strategy behind discontinuing Lay’s Salt & Vinegar in the first place has not changed. No serious marketing was done to announce the temporary return but South Africans have been reporting sightings of the flavour for weeks.

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Pepsico explained the reappearance in a statement on Monday saying that Lay’s Salt & Vinegar chips will be available in all retailers for a limited period which “coincides with the rollout of our Local Lay’s UEFA Champion’s League 2021 campaign.’

Lay’s has previously said that South Africans prefer spicier flavours and that the plainer salt and vinegar underperformed in sales. According to the company, the rest of the world tends to prefer cheesy flavours of potato crisps, while South Africans predominantly enjoy flavours like Thai sweet chilli and Caribbean Onion & Balsamic Vinegar.

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