Laughing Buddha (UK) – Nano Records @ Earthdance

Laughing Buddha Bio:

Laughing Buddha is UK Producer and DJ Jeremy van Kampen. A former guitarist, his inspiration for producing trance was kick started by the Goa parties of the early 90s. His first release was the ‘Cannabanoid’ EP on Transient records under the name Cosmosis with Bill Halsey in 1995. This partnership went on to produce a top selling album ‘Cosmology’ and a string of hits such as ‘Morphic Resonance’ and ‘Gift of the Gods’. They also released the singles ‘Infinite depths’ and ‘Karma’ on T.I.P. Records as Laughing Buddha. When they went their separate ways in 1998, Jez continued the Laughing Buddha project producing more top singles such as ‘If You Think You’re Psykik’ on Transient and collaborations with Chris Decker of Medicine Drum and Purple, with whom he produced the classic track ‘Remote’ on Flying Rhinos Maelstrom compilation. Jez is currently one of the UKs top producers and, after having released tracks on labels such as Dragonfly, LSD (as Drum Druids), Nano Records, Solstice and T.I.P. World, he has now joined the team at Nano Records and is currently working on his debut solo album for them.  His sound sits perfectly with what we like to hear, top quality, deep, atmospheric and rolling psy trance that doesn’t let you go for one nano-second An experienced Live act and DJ, Jez has toured extensively around the world including Australia, New Zealand, Israel, U.S.A., South America and Europe.

Some of his influences are: Nagma, Pink Floyd, Amorphous Androgynous, Jimi, The Doors, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Total Eclipse, Dee-Lite, Brian Wilson, Orbital, X-Dream, The Orb, John Williams (the film composer).

Take a listen to some of the tracks I am sure he will be busting on the dancefloor at Earthdance next weekend!

Laughing Buddha – Smoking The Reefer (Edit) by Neon Bookings





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