Land of the Llamas – Ross Hillier


This series of images above are some of the works that will be on display at the photographic exhibition of Ross Hillier. He titles it Land of the Llama’s as it depicts his trip across South America. These photo’s are really awesome. I really like his work!

The venue is 12 Windsor Road, Kalk Bay – The road up from Olympia Cafe!

When last did you go to Kalk Bay, get in your car, hit the Brass Bell or Polana for lunch, cause I got no doubt you are going to be hungover (I know A1 Bassline is going to be all kinds of crazy at Assembly tonight) and then head through to the exhibition, it will be well worth it. Go make a day of it! I have seen a lot of his work and I can tell you he has some really mad talent with a camera! So if you don’t have anything to do or feel like taking a nice drive through to Kalkies, then swing past the exhibition, you wont be disappointed at all!

The exhibition starts at one and goes on all through out the day!

See you there…


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