Land Grab, In Sea Point

I really don’t like shacks to much and to see this made me dislike them even more. On Friday, so called “land grabbers” decided to make the Sea Point Beach front walk way there new permanent residences. Until the Cops showed up that is. This does look like a very well set up area. Might have been a little prank or just plain arrogance of the people claiming they can take the land back anywhere they please. Wish it was that easy…

CT Objection 004

CT Objection 005

CT Objection 006

CT Objection 007

CT Objection 008

Now thats just wrong!!

I wouldn’t mind relocating to a house in Clifton, Bishops Court or Llandudno, thank you very much!

Got to give it to them for trying at least. What more could you ask for, beach, Sun, residential life. Well played!

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  1. I dont actually know, I’m going to drive past there this evening after work to have a look. Naughty basterds hey!

    will let you know later πŸ™‚

  2. Hmmm, the way South Africa is going, this sort of thing worries me because who knows what will happen. Next thing we know, they’ll be allowed to stay there and, well, you can imagine what an example like this will do! If that’s the case, I will honestly wonder about my future in South Africa.

    Please do keep us posted mate …

  3. It looks almost like a very well thought out artpiece! I’d love to find out the full story here…

  4. @Chris: You make an extremely valid point. It kind of scares the hell out of me! I dont want to have worry about my future here in Cape Town just yet…

    @Ricky: Bro, thats the thing. When I saw it, it looked very fake… but with all the cops and metro around it threw me off big time!

  5. @Kreg – Ye, it is worrying; We're in the Western Cape, which would probably result in them moving, but still! @Ricky – Ye dude, at first I thought they were perhaps shooting a commercial! πŸ˜€

  6. @Monty: It does look to "set up" with the braai's and the taxi sign. You never know though, really going to look more into this. If its a PR and Marketing campaign then they really have done really well to me talking about haha

  7. Oh scary cats get over yourselves, that is fake and YOU all know they wont be allowed to stay there, it is funny though i must say…This is the western cape Zille z got yo backs.

  8. @realist: Im praying its fake:) hahaha, if this is the case where they just arrive on a piece of land and decide its theirs, then whats stopping the others from doing the same throughout the western cape.

    But I agree with you, Helen Zilletjie definitely has our back:)

  9. Blair: If it is, then maybe we should take someones plot in Clifton, what you think? The more I look at it, the more I think they taking the piss πŸ™‚

  10. @Kreg it's piss 4 shizzy, am black and i know they aint gonna make taxi signs with 'building material', that would be used to build something…. anything, that's a 'white idea' right there, lollest…take me with to Clifton though, lmao!

  11. haahahahaaa, thanks Realist. Yeah like I said to Blair above, the more I look at it, the more it looks fake… Maybe a movie set or an advert or some PR/Marketing campaign.

    Dont worry Realist, I will let you know when I have sorted out Clifton penthouse:)

  12. "Hmmm, the way South Africa is going, this sort of thing worries me because who knows what will happen. Next thing we know, they’ll be allowed to stay there and, well, you can imagine what an example like this will do! If that’s the case, I will honestly wonder about my future in South Africa." Chris M

    November 23rd, 2009 at 11:28 am

    Chris WTF was COLONIALISM? Only reason there are white people here because some criminals from Europe had to come squat here and take land which was not theirs to start with. (Fuck that!) You sound like a racist too caught up with his lil cosmopolitan world in Cape Town… you should really open your eyes to the great divide between the "have and have not" and realize our poverty divide is the greatest on globe. I'll consider that "worrying" and What the fuck is Hellen "EAT A DICK" Zille doing about that??? Hmm let me guess? i think NOTHING.

    So Chris Hellen Zille may have your "spineless" back but remember she does not have their backs which is why they are making this point. Chris when last have you seen poverty other than the guy begging for change? i reckon that is what these people are doing in the photos, "begging for a change"

    Just my 2c for the man, woman and child at your nearest traffic intersection.

  13. @Onaj – If I offended you with what I said, I apologise, it was not my intention at all. Sorry.

  14. well apology accepted, nice one. We must all do our bid to right the cancer of Colonialism and it's surrogate Apartheid. poor people don't victimize yourself and through your hands into to the air as if you are a helpless infant and rich people, be grateful of what you have and be conscious of those starving all around you.

  15. @Jano: I seriously think you have missed Chris's point here. What he is trying to say, is that they cant just live where they feel.. As much as they might think its right or its "their" land, its still not right. Imagine the chaos if we decided we want to live where we want to live.

    Trust me bro, Chris is the least racist guy out there man, I understand you getting your point across but he has not aimed anything bad or racist at these people. He is also just voicing his opinion.

    I will be honest, I think its wrong bro, I dont feel people can just relocate where they want to!! Oh and by the way, Aunti Helen has got their backs bro, in a big way… πŸ™‚ sorry just my 2c this morning πŸ™‚

  16. I know exactly what you mean Chris… I will be honest, I understood what you were saying fully cause I kind of see from the exact same perspective and sometimes others perceive what you saying to be something different!


  17. mmmm….

    interesting comments guys… funny how after Onaj slashed Chris M with the whole racist card.. he was suddenly embarrassed… Gee Whizz man, stick to your guns..

    firstly, i think those pics are hot.. it seems like a promo for a play at the baxter..

    secondly, yeah we gotta try and actually live this democracy that we keep bragging about…and realise that we are all human beings, and that it is easy for us sitting at home with water, electricity and ADSL to make these “observations” and “comments” about what these people are doing. but try and put yourselves in their shoes for even a moment, no water, no food, no basics…and you keep getting kicked out of every suburbs since the 1800’s.. you find this nice patch of grass in the city that the government seems to care about ofcourse you will be fuck you im pitching shack here..

    But at the end of the day, no matter how much we all preach….we are all taking care of no1 and when our comfort zone gets threatened our electric fences are going to go up..

    our government needs to take this seriously, these are people too!

    PS: hellen Zille needs to stop fucken bitching about the ANC – that shits OLD…

    oh and Onaj – calm down man… what have you done lately for your fellow man?

  18. @Peanut Gallery: Thanks for stopping by, like I said in earlier comments, the more I looked at it the more it looked fake and like a set up for an ad or movie.

    Im sorry Peanut but Helen Zilletjie for the win:)

  19. Well I heard from a friend who is in Sea Point area that there is nothing there.. So I guess we all got worked up for nothing. As Realist says a few comments back, its Fake 4 shizzy…

    I personally wouldnt have been to stoked if they stayed, such a vibe area for people walking dogs, playing footy, chilling, watching the ocean etc etc.. you know!

  20. Thank goodness they gone, i couldn't imagine sea point without a milion coloureds revving their engines and playing choons that make their boot go GRRR but…

    "Imagine the chaos if we decided we want to live where we want to live." Kreg November 24th, 2009 at 9:15 am

    @Kreg what do you think Khayalitcha is? it is the LARGEST informal settlement on the globe, Rio's slums ain't got nothing on what we have on the flats! Khayalitsha is chaos go to site C or B people do just what they want, put up shacks where they find an open plot. "Today Khayelitsha is home to 2 million people (although the official City of Cape Town estimate is at 2,100,000)"

  21. ummm Helen Zille is the head of the lead opposition party, by definition the DA is required to bitch and moan about the ANC short comings, which are more common then crabs on julius malemas vagina. she never ever directly speaks out against them either, besides in her weekly news letter. Diane Kohler Barnard who represents the DA in parliament is the vociferous voice of reason. if they dont speak out against the numerous abuses of power who will? Zille's focus is on the Western Cape and if you look at her as a person, unless it is a major issue (which tend to crop up alot in this country) she remains mum.

    And Onaj, PLEEEEEEZ dont bring up colonialism. the only difference between what the Europeans to the black population versus what the black population did to the Khoi San/Hottentots is that they came by boats and about 200 years later.

    I have nothing but sympathy for anyone who bares the brunt of a homeless existence, but adopting western culture means adopting western law. the people who occupy land legally have done so through paying their way. after 15 years of a beautiful democracy and the glories of AA and BEE to assist you, if youre a young healthy black person there really is no reason for you not to be as wealthy as you can dream!

    my 2c…

  22. sorry no split personality here, maybe a lil hybrid cultural influences… but when KREG rides my nuts about my post, off the site i need to just say peace and not rock the boat, i was just trying to offer a different point of view other than, lets get the fuck out of SA. i am a proud South African and i will take bullets for Kaapstad!

    Btw stroob tribal war, and being a Gangsta(colonialism) are very different things. it sounds like you are pro-Holocaust…

    what have i done for my fellow man, my family and i donate over 200 loaves of bread a week to communities who need it, and i gave some guy my left over booze the other evening.

    my 3c


  23. @onaj: Appreciated brother and I know you mean no harm, just getting your point across… it is freedom of speach isnt it! I feel the same about SA, just sometimes I really want to get up and leave, although I never will, dont think I have the balls… I love this place man!

    As for donating your left over booze the other night, that was me you gave it to, fool:) do I count as a squatter now? Where should I relocate to now?? πŸ˜‰

  24. pro-holocaust? name one difference between tribal warfare and colonialism other than that there is an unfair advantage to a technologically superior side? how dare you accuse me of being pro-holocaust actually! the colonization of africa might be viewed as an oppressive coup of cultural heritage, but it brought the western world and all its items with it. i hate to say it but if it wasnt for these "gangsters", as you so inappropriately put it, you wouldnt be typing at a computer right now!

  25. @Stroob, you have a wicked tongue my man, i love it!

    This has turned into quite a lekker little debate here:)

    @Chris: hahaahaha, where should I find my next spot to relocate?? πŸ™‚

  26. I know exactly where you mean… now what more could we ask for then hey:) Sun, Sea, Girls, the life(maybe even an exceptionally strong wireless connection so we could keep up to date on whats hip and happening) hahaha

  27. What I find the most interesting about this, is that if two people packed up and went to live on an island with the basic knowledge of blogging, I have no doubt that they couldn't live a really enjoyable life.

    Yet, we don't. Why?


  28. Very good point… I wonder why?? you'd have all the information at your finger tips and an island all to yourself.. πŸ™‚

  29. Stroob that is pure assumption, that without colonialism i wouldn't be at a computer.

    Without colonialism i wouldn't be in South Africa, neither would you… but if you pro-colonialism then you must be into human trafficking (slavery and sex workers) i know may care a Lil for the latter. we should stop defining ourselves as us and them because i would to be constantly marginalized and made to feel as the other although what i am branded to be or my culture makes up the majority of the population.

    “Our attempts to understand and define ourselves are necessarily made in conjunction with attempts to understand and define those who are different, or “other” than we are. Examining the extent to which we assert our own experience as the norm, and the degree to which we exoticise, mythologize, and/or marginalize the experience of those of other cultures, races, ages, genders, or belief systems is a crucial step towards understanding identity as a powerful ideological tool that can be as easily used to serve repressive interests as to promote as sense of group unity crucial in struggling against oppression." (Ferguson, R. Olander, W. Et al. 1990: 92)

    i love you stroob lets get wasted and talk race relations, what you doing later.

    Land Grabs FTW πŸ˜› Kreg i'm in on that grassy patch!

  30. wow…

    dont you boys have anything better to do than talk kak on the net?

    @Kreg (& indirectly at OnaJ)… yeah those pics definitely look like some crappy art students interactive theatre art piece.. bleh!

    “ummm Helen Zille is the head of the lead opposition party, by definition the DA is required to bitch and moan about the ANC short comings” : Stroob

    @ Stroob – yeah because bitching and moaning always gets one far in life…….. umm..

    im not saying a little competition isnt healthy, its just.. once theyr done pointing fingers why not try sorting out a problem instead of bitching and moaning….

    there’s a time and a place to hear a bitch moan and i think everyone will agree its not in the newspapers… (maybe late night E-tv) πŸ˜‰


    “what have i done for my fellow man, my family and i donate over 200 loaves of bread a week to communities who need it…”

    by “my family and i” did you mean your mom and dad? πŸ˜›

    anyhooo… this little debate was fun! i guess we should all come together and celebrate our differences and differing opinions in an amicable “scocially acceptable” manner – chevelle then?

    lets get loose!

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  32. Chevelle Friday it is then Peanut Gallery:)

    I will let the other boys answer your questions if they up to it πŸ˜‰ hehehehe, nothing like a healthy debate on a tuesday;)

  33. peanut i don’t have energy anymore, you late for the party… and btw please don’t bring Chevelle into this…

  34. onaJ…i am the party sweety… πŸ˜‰ no need to get sensitive over chevelle… we’re all friends here!

    Ayoba! PG

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