Lady M’s CityByNight Mix


LADY M has been mixing her deep sexy grooves for a number of years now. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, she initially entered the dance scene by being involved in events but DJing quickly became a great love.

Starting off on vinyl in the genre of deep house with the help of her mentor, beatmixing- guru Peter A, she hosted residencies at various restaurants and bars (La Coza, Butterfly Bar, Caprice) and made her mark on various deep house dancefloors in Cape Town (Opium, The Fuse, Blacksheep, Favela, and Platform LIVE! parties). Further she was also a part of the Platform Music Crew.

Today she has converted to spinning on CDs and has taken on a unique and intelligent deep techno sound, a true LADY M sound that is an expression of purely her and her personal love for the more underground side of electronic dance music. She is also in the studio with her head deep in the beats as she tackles the exciting world of audio production. Not only does she have a passion for playing good music, she has an even deeper passion for making her own!

With a clever approach to the industry, as an artist she carries a number of different personas. The alias Lady M being the true expression of the artist’s unique self and soulful identity, something intimately personal and an avenue to stream her pulse and being into the soundwaves.


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