Lady Rugga down to final 12… wait make that 15

The countrywide and fairly epic search for South Africa’s first female rugby presenter is drawing to close with the selection of 15 and not 12 finalists. Wildcards Sarah Spittal, Natasha van der Merwe and Caitlin Fox are back in the reckoning for SuperSport’s Lady Rugga search after a late and rather dramatic twist to the competition.

Last week, the competition organisers decided to employ the popular “wildcard” pick, including three more names to the top 12 announced as a suprise twist on Saturday during the Super Wrap show. Fox, who did not get to see the announcement live on SuperSport 1, was shocked when she heard that she’d made it back into the competition.

“I was at a friend’s house watching the football when my mother called me to tell me I was one of the three wildcard entrants.  I was so excited that my stomach nearly jumped out of my mouth.”

Fox, along with Spittal and Van der Merwe, now join Tové Kane, Linda Dlamini, Pamela Boardman, Sibongile Mafu, Laurette Morgan, Janina Oberholzer, Kate Nokwe, Elma Smit, Jessica Knight, Elle Hughes, Carmen Reddy and Motshidisi Mohono in what is now a top 15.

The collection of mooiness finalists will be completing a series of tasks under the watchful eyes of judges, who will then decide on a final winner this Saturday. Yay, soon we wont only have to look at Darren Scott and Naas.

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