Lady Rugga- And then there were 50

After a month long, countrywide search for SuperSport’s first rugby presenter, the Lady Rugga roadshow culminated last weekend in the city of poison, Durban with over 200 women who truly believed they were the mooiness that SuperSport was searching for all along.

Even Chame Ludik, a fashion designer and also the wife of Sharks fullback, Louis Ludik was their to try her hand. When all was said and done, the judges gave only eight women the nod to go through, swelling the second round entrants to a total of 156.

The Durban auditions signaled the end of the first round of the competition and the closing of all entries. Its now up to a panel of judges to review all 156 audition videos and whittle down the list to a top 50, to be announced on May 16 on SuperSport’s website and the Lady Rugga Facebook and Twitter page.

The top 50 will then be further trimmed down to a top 12, which will be announced live on the Lady Rugga show, a 24-minute show dedicated to the competition. The top 12 will then be flown to SuperSport head-quarters in Randburg for further auditions and training.

In the following weeks the top 12 will be halved to a top six  and then further to a top three with the winner being announced on June 6… Let’s hope she’s a real hotty- I’m growing tired of looking at Darren Scott’s face.

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