Labels Shmabels

These days things are getting a little bit complex when it comes to the area of relationships. I’m not too sure if it’s a by-product of being a twenty-something living life in the hustle and bustle of the inner city. People have been coming up with new labels to describe their current relationship statuses…

These days nobody wants to be bf and gf anymore (well at least for the people I’ve been hanging with lately) and will instead further complicate matters by using terms like “hooking up” or “we’re together” to describe the frequency of their shagging.

Personally I think that that this leaves a huge door open for all of the commitment-phobes out there (me being one of them) to have free reign as far as dating and kissing (I say “kissing” but actually mean bonking) other people goes. As humans we generally need to box things for our brains to make sense of everything but I tend to wonder about the merits of even giving a relationship a label other than the traditional boyfriend girlfriend one- rather just don’t say anything at all and go with the flow UNTIL you are 100% sure you want to share more than bodily fluids.

What do you all think?

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