Kurt Cobain’s Friend Has Just Shared Rare Nirvana Demo Tapes That He Gave Him

Give This Pure Nirvana Gold A Listen

I think anyone who grew up in the 90’s will have a soft spot for Kurt Cobain and his absolute musical genius. Thankfully we’ve managed to find some previously unknown demo tapes courtesy of a guy called John Purkey, a musician from Tacoma who played in a couple of bands when Kurt and Nirvana was first coming up in the scene.

Purkey claimed that Kurt gave him four demo tapes from the early years of Nirvana, one of which featuring what is supposedly Nirvana’s first ever studio session, featuring Melvins drummer Dale Crover, as well as the Nevermind demos recorded with Chad Channing on drums.

Some of these recordings have been released like the bootleg from Montage of Heck but there are a whole bunch on these tapes that haven’t been heard before. Check out this pure Nirvana gold below:

I know it’s only January, but it feels like my year’s been made already. How good does all of that sound, considering it’s all on cassette tape? I wonder if we can look forward to one or two official releases of “new” Nirvana music in 2018?

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