KRO-Barz – A Facebook Sensation Ready to Take Over the South African Hip Hop Scene Releases Debut Single – ‘MAL’

We’d like to welcome a name that’s been generating a lot of hype on social media over the past few months. Kro Barz, the Cape Town-based rapper, has been making a name for himself with a few viral videos on Facebook and now he’s ready to take on the local Hip-Hop scene with the release of his first single – MAL

MCBN: Talk us through the last few months, what’s it been like watching the rise of Kro Barz through your social media channels?

KRO-Barz: After the 1st video I posted, I saw people’s reactions and comments and I was completely blown away by the number of people that liked what I was doing and there was not 1 single negative comment. That made me want to do more because I just needed to see if people would react the same way to my other material. I dropped again and it was the same result, so by the 3rd video, we started the Facebook page. (I was a ghost on social media before all this. My friend uploaded the 1st video that went viral to his FB account)

Through my page, I could start interacting with the people who were following my page and watching my videos. I watched how my followers grew from zero to more than 10 000 people now and that is so unbelievable to me because I never thought that I could pull in so many people. And the time period, within the space of 3 months everything was just moving extremely fast for me, so it was completely overwhelming. 

MCBN: Talk us through the day in the life of Kro-Barz, what goes on behind the scenes that make you tick?

KRO-Barz: On a normal day I look after my daughter until her mom gets home, then I spend some time with the family in the evening and after that I would chill with my friends. We just listen to music, listen to beats and we make music. They inspire me, they even contribute a line or 2 to some of my tracks (lol) Then there’s obviously work days where I have to be in studio, do interviews, music video shoots, photoshoots etc. That is hard work and very frustrating.

MCBN: You have just released your debut single, give our readers some background into this track, and how you got to this point in your career?

KRO-Barz: So I wrote this track for my current girlfriend, who is also the mother of my child, back in 2017 when we met. At that time I thought she was completely out of my league because she was totally different to the girls that I was used to. The way she dressed, the way she looked, the way she carried herself as a lady, the way she spoke. Everything was just new to me and it was very attractive. She literally made me MAL because she was all I could think about in that time and that’s where and how I came up with the track. 

After only dropping videos on Facebook people started asking for music. I recently signed a 3 single deal with Rebelution Music and Media. We’ve been pushing content and working on a strategy for the rest of 2020. I decided that I want my 1st single to be in Afrikaans and that’s why “Mal” is dropping 1st. 

MCBN: COVID aside, if you could work and perform with any local artist right now, who would it be and why?

KRO-Barz: I rap in English and Afrikaans so there are 2 people that I would like to work within the future. For English its AKA. I’ve been listening to him for a long time. I feel like he makes catchy hooks and has a few dope punchlines as well, I like his persona. For an Afrikaans track, I would love to feature Early B. I watched him come up from the ground and always admired what he’s doing. I love his hustle, his work and just the way he portrays himself is dope and I think a collab would be some fire!

MCBN: Do you believe that social media can be the rise to success for artists like yourself looking to create a name for themselves?

KRO-Barz: I definitely think that social media can be a rise to success, I mean, KRO-Barz is evidence of that. I feel like social media is a stage you can perform on for free. It’s way bigger than any venue that people can fill up for you. Your reach is extended to an international audience.

'n Storie van myself virrie streets op Marlow Beatz se beats.

Posted by KRO-Barz on Friday, 29 May 2020

MCBN: We’ve noticed one thing about you, you’re not like a large number of other rappers out there, you’re humble and goal-driven. What is your inspiration and who have you looked up as your career has flourished.

KRO-Barz: My inspiration is obviously my friends and family, experiences in life and the people I make it through difficult times with. The person I have actually looked up to as mt career has flourished is Early B. The way he carries himself on social media, how he interacts with people, always keeping it real and still trying to stay as humble as possible. Thats the level that I want to be on so I’m working towards being where he is already. 

MCBN: We’re in some incredible crazy times and while the events industry is put on hold, where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

KRO-Barz: In 5 years time I see myself on stage with the biggest names in the industry. Touring Europe and as many continents as possible, performing my raw Capetonian music to them. 

MCBN: Have you been working alongside any rappers, singers or performers? Is Kro-Barz your main focus, your primary project or are there other projects you’re currently working on?

KRO-Barz: Kro-Barz is my main focus right now. It’s all about making a name for myself and getting myself out there 1st before I do any collaborations with anyone else. 

MCBN: What are your thoughts on the current Cape Town Hip Hop scene, and the greater South African scene at this moment?

KRO-Barz: I don’t think the Cape Town Hip Hop scene gets enough financial support. I always believed that it is the realest Hip Hop scene in Africa. All Cape Town artists always try to stay true to who they are and keep it as real as possible whereas the rest of SA is looking at it from a business perspective and that is why they have been flourishing. They moving towards a more international way of doing things. That’s why the rest of South African music scene is bigger than that of Cape Town because they making music for the world and not just South Africa or where ever it might be in South Africa.

MCBN: You were currently seen meeting up with a Cape Town favourite, Youngsta. Now, our first question when we saw that was, WHEN IS THE COLAB HAPPENING? Any secrets, any collabs or inside information into what went down at that meeting? Cape Town could do with a collab with Youngsta and Kro-Barz…

KRO-Barz: The meeting with YoungstaCPT was basically to get to know each other on a first name basis. Who is Kyle? Or is Riyaahd? So yah, we obviously spoke about music but both of us are actually busy. He has a schedule and I have a schedule and there are no collabs in my schedule for 2020. The main focus is to build my brand, focus on KRO-Barz.

MCBN: Any last words for the readers out there, feel free to let them know about where they can find your new music, how they can get their hands on it and where they can follow you on social media.

KRO-Barz: KRO-Barz is here to stay. I have some dope music on the way so keep an eye out for that.  You can find my music on Follow me on Facebook: KRO-Barz, Instagram: Krobarzsa, and YouTube: KRO-Barz. Thank you to everyone who has been watching my videos, sharing my content and following the Kro. I appreciate all the support. 

My heel eerste video, die een wat kak gemaak it😂

Posted by KRO-Barz on Friday, 15 May 2020


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