Knife thrower almost kills someone on Lithuania’s Got Talent

Lithuania's Got Talent

The whole “Got Talent” series is really quite shit when it comes to providing decent entertainment, except for the Lithuanian franchise that is. During the clip from the show you’ll get to see a knife thrower who is just INCREDIBLY bad at throwing knives (or is he actually so good that he doesn’t kill his assitant?). First off he throws a knife into his assistant’s hand injuring him in the process and then follows it up with a knife to the board that literally misses the dude’s face by centimeters.

I’m pretty sure that this guy didn’t up getting enough votes from the judges to send him through to the next round and should probably think about retiring from knife throwing all-together.

For the good bits, you can just skip to the following points in the video:

injured finger 5:20
barely missing his head 7:28

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