Knickers Off

So for once I thought I’d write something that might assist some of the guy readers.

This may get a little graphical for some, so you might want to re-consider just how much information you would actually like to know about the female form.

Yes, us woman are a very strange breed indeed. But once you get beyond the hard outer shell, there lies a pile of oysters just waiting to be made into pearls.

One thing is for sure; sometimes even we are surprised at what our bodies throw in our direction.

So this time I asked my chica’s for their input on the subject.

When is a lady at her most luscious, and when is the best time to make your move? Does the taste in men change during certain times of the month? And if a woman is not in the mood, what can a guy do to steer the wheels in the right direction?

For the majority, the flavour in men changed depending on which part of their ovulation cycle they were in.

The closer to ovulation, the rougher and tougher they liked their men. The rugged bearded studs, much like Wolverine. For other times, the soft clean-shaven look seems to be what’s called for to satisfy the hunger – think Twilight!

A select few said that their taste in beefcake remained the same.

However across the board it seems, all ladies are most frisky a week before their cycle starts. So for the boys that are in a relationship, whip out those calendars, get onto google and start making notes. This is a sure fire way to make sure you end up rolling in the hay with your partner in crime. Quite possibly pushing some risky boundaries, reaching beyond the daring fantasies locked in your thoughts.

What happens if your lady really doesn’t seem to want to play tag? Well try waiting till late afternoon to work your magic. Quite simply, tickling or a massage seems to be the trick to getting the music flowing. By this I’m not referring to moving straight in for the erogenous zones.

Start by gently gliding your fingers over her neck and back, tracing simple lines to her inner arms.

Gentle pressure on her feet or shoulders, to relieve some stress, doesn’t hurt either.

If it’s any form of motivation, woman are at their most tranquil when they are on holiday or are in love, thus making them more susceptible to your advances.

We need to feel comfortable, relaxed, loved, secured and adored, or in laments terms, like we are the sexiest biatches alive!

So pop the cork on that bottle of wine when dusk settles in, run your fingers seductively through her hair, whisper light sweet nothings into the nape of her neck, and slowly watch her melt away in your hands.

For those hot summer flings, order that cocktail over looking the sunset, preferably at a secluded romantic location, play with the rays radiating off her shoulder line, emit your best portrayal of Don Juan Demarco and slowly move in for the kill.

The most valuable clue that’s left to decipher is if she’s looking for a Hugh Jackman, Robert Pattinson or Leonardo DiCaprio.

For those loving their holiday shadow, that will bring joy to your ears, but only IF that is the Bo that will most easily help you slip those knickers off…

Happy Hunting boys 🙂

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    1. Waakakaka! Well if u are doing a fly by night, best u be sure which man shirt is going to grab the right girls attention – or in ur case – the wrong girl!

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