Kings of Leon tour dates in South Africa in 2011

BEAKING NEWS- The Kings Of Leon are playing in South Africa on 2 dates in 2 of the SA’s biggest venues. The Cape Town Stadium on March 24 and the FNB Stadium on March 27 will play host to what promises to be an absolutely unmissable event. MyCityByNight will be there!!! Tickets go on sale this Sat the 4th of December and will be sure to sell like hotcakes. Well done to Nokia and 5fm for bringing South Africa another quality act πŸ™‚

2011 is shaping out to be an absolute cracker!!

For the past month or so there have been quite a few rumours flying around the industry that the proponents of firey sex- The Kings of Leon were on their way to South Africa as part of their World Tour in 2011, just lacking a media partner and SA tour dates- MyCityByNight can finally confirm that this is actually true with an announcement coming from the likes of events promoters Big Concerts made yesterday-

Big Concerts had this to say:

β€œAt last we can confirm that the Kings of Leon are coming to South Africa! For all the tour dates and ticket
details catch the 5FM Breakfast Show on Thursday morning. Be sure to put this
one your Christmas shopping list!”

Now that is pretty awesome news! They are definately one of the bands that MyCityByNight gets rather excited about (I mean they made a song about sex… that is on fire) and we’re super amped to see them live. Check out these vids of one or 2 live Kings Of Leon songs! Whaaat? These guys are good!

If you’re keen to keep up to date- just check back here at MCBNΒ and go have a look of the KOL SA Tour 2011 events page over HERE.

More live Kings of Leon…

The tour coincides with the release of The Kings of Leon new and 5th studio album entitled Come Around Sundown (sexual reference for the win) released on October 15 2010.

The lead single, “Radioactive”, along with its accompanying music video, premiered on 8 September on the Kings’ official website. The following day, it received its official radio premiere on Australian radio. If that wasnt enough theΒ album debuted at number one in Australia, Austria, Belgium (Flanders), Canada, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. In the UK, the album sold 183,000 units in its first week as well as breaking the record for biggest first week digital album sales by selling over 49,000 album downloads.- They’re going to be good!

Best you get your tickets as soon as they’re available (or check back here for a competition- we’re asking very nicely- actually we just stabbed their tyres).

MyCityByNight– who.what.where.when

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  1. OMW!!!!! I’m gonne sleep outside cuomputicket on Friday…I already missed out on U2…WHOOOOHOOO!!!!

    1. @Tamlynn- well fear not, you might not have missed out on a chance to see U2 next year- this is MyCityByNight afterall- anything is possible if you’re part of the MCBN alumni πŸ™‚

      We’re super amped to grab our tickets and have a super rocking night! πŸ™‚

  2. I actually want to cry tears of pure joy. I’m gonna rock the fuck out of that concert…CT stadium is big, you reckon its gonna sell out quick?????

    1. Hi Matt. It’s gonna sell out like a buzz. That’s why I’ve decided that a few of us will be stationed outside different computicket offices…just in case. Now this is what I call TOTAL AWESOMENESS!!!!

    2. @Mat – I reckon it is, people are going just as mal about this as U2… Have to say I am more of a KOL fan than a U2 one. Golden Circle… Fiery sex. Its all you need.

      1. Thanks Tamlynn..

        @Ricky: I’m with you bro, Golden circle is the only place to be!Shit i’m gonna have get some cash together soon for those tickets..

        Got any idea what the damage is??

        1. Sorry for the typo there- The Tickets for Cape Town are R590 for Golden Circle, R390 for standing and R221 for seated…

          Not sure if the same applies for FNB Stadium though- I cant seem to find anybody that knows what the hell is going on πŸ™‚

      1. Tickets go on sale Saturday morning @ 9h00.
        @ Stacky, please try to find out what the cost would be.

  3. soooooooooooo stoked!
    this is the best bday present eva!
    24 of march
    may everyone have good lu ck with the friday hangover!!!
    i know il need it with skwl and all!
    but yeah gna be the best concert of 2011!

    1. Im pretty sure they’ll drop a couple from all the albums- one things for sure…You’ll definately hear “sex is on fire” πŸ™‚

  4. Hi there, Im SELLING my KINGS OF LEON GOLDEN CIRCLE TICKET for the concert in Cape Town, Im not able to make it so if anyone is interested or knows of anyone who is, please e-mail me. Its going for R700 but I am willing to negotiate. My e-mail is:

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