King Of The Jack Webisode 1


The mockumentry style comedy King Of The Jack, tells the tale of two young men, Ron “The Swan” Morton and Tim “Twinkle Toes” McKenzie. Both men are massively fond of the sport Lawn Bowls and both are completely oblivious to their delusional grandeur.

Ron ‘The Swan’ Morton (Coutts) is the big, friendly giant of the sport. He is driven by his goal to become the Camps Bay Bowling Club President one day. Morton, a traditionalist, is extremely noble and caring, with an overzealous passion for the sport.

His nemesis Tim “Twinkle Toes” McKenzie (Caldecott) is the new kid on the block, a self-proclaimed “Jon Bon Jovi” of the sport, pushing the limits of what may be perceived as acceptable. This in turn, has taken some of the limelight away from Ron.

Throughout this short 3 part web series we see these characters portray why they are who they are, why they do what they do but more importantly, why they are the best lawn bowlers of their generation, when in actual fact nobody really gives a shit.

King Of The Jack is brought you by FlashFourFilms, which comprises of Cale Jansen, Reuven Kustanovich, Rob Coutts and Mat Caldecott.

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