Kim Kardashian Poses Nude on the Cover of Paper Mag [NSFW]

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We know that secretly there are loads of Kimmy fans out there, so it’s only right that we make your Wednesday!

For the November issue of Paper Magazine, the Queen of the Kardashian clan has posed nude.

If you interested and still even reading this, Paper Mag has this to say:

Our 2014 Art Issue is an art project in and of itself, in which we explore, deconstruct and obsess over the theme of attention: BREAK THE INTERNET.
Pairing Kim Kardashian with the legendary photographer Jean-Paul Goude was the kickoff. Like it or not, Kardashian is a Hyper-Pop-Culture-Icon-Institution. She understands fame and popularity as if it were coded in her DNA. Goude popped the cork on what makes her an icon: it is not just her ass, but her willingness to give us 100 percent.



Kim Kardashian Poses Nude on the Cover of Paper Mag



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