Kim Kardashian leaves her hotel – forgets her baby inside

kim kardashian forgets kid

I’m sure as a parent there are times when you do some really dumb stuff involving your kids – fortunately for you, there aren’t a bunch of cameras tailing you and capturing your every move. As Kim Kardashian exited her hotel after a short stay there, she realised that she had forgotten something. What was it, keys, a phone, her handbag? Nope… just her kid North West.

It’s super awkies as you can literally see her standing at the car, wracking her brain over what she could have forgotten inside the hotel, only for it to dawn on her that it was her kid named after a compass direction (maybe Kim could have used a compass that pointed North West).

Mother of the year right there!

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  1. WTF how do you forgot your laaitie wonder what Kanye said after seeing this

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