Kim Jong Un is angry at the internet because of this parody video

Kim jong un parody

Kim Jong Un isn’t exactly the most accepting of characters around, given he was totally ready to go to war over the Seth Rogan and James Franco movie featuring him, so I guess it’s understandable that he was quite upset by this parody video. This Kim Jong Un Parody video features the North Korean dictator doing a bunch of cool things like breaking it down on a baseball pitch and even slaying a dragon (nothing too sinister at all).

His North Korean officials say it compromises his dignity and authority – I say it makes him look like a freaking superhero. Kim Jong Un has asked that the internet removes the video because he clearly has no understanding of how the internet works (once it’s there, it’s there forever). So I’m guessing next up is a threat of war against the internet at large from the North Korean dictator, famed for executing people for a number of utterly trivial reasons.

Watch the video and feel the fear, as you realise this is the guy who has like a thousand nukes stored up ready to blow up half the World.

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