Kid Turns Into Squeaky Toy After Swallowing A Party Horn

Kid Turns Into Squeaky Toy After Swallowing A Party Horn

It’s always great to start the week off with a bit of a laugh and that’s certainly what you’re going to be doing after watching the video we’ve included below. The kid in question, lives in Argentina and hilariously managed to turn himself into a life sized squeaky toy after accidentally swallowing a party horn.

Doctors needed to operate on the eight-year-old after the small plastic whistle had become lodged in his trachea after he decided that it would be rad to swallow the toy.

Thankfully though, Dr Gomez Zuviria decided to film the boy and post it online before carrying out the operation as forewarning for other parents out there:

HAHAHAHAHA. The look of disappointment and regret on his face is absolutely priceless. I’m pretty sure he’s never going to be swallowing a toy ever again.

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