Kid gets busted smoking weed by parents & the whole thing is recorded by his mates who he was gaming with online at the time

weed and games

This seems like a scene out of my adolescent years, which is probably why I find this extra funny. The story behind the clip is that this kid gets busted smoking weed while having an intense online gaming session with mates on the internet and comes up with what is possibly the best (worst) excuse ever.

Now, I know I’ve come up with some fairly daft reasons why my room constantly smelt of the sticky green but none ever came close to being as ridiculous as the one offered up by this kid – who tried to convince his parents that somehow weed smoke blew into his room through an open window.

“I thought it was in here, too.”

– I mean come on… he clearly panicked to have settled with that.

As is the case with most mothers out there, this kid’s mom goes into complete hyperdrive freaking out about how terrible what he’s just done is. While all of this is going on, the Dad just pops in to say a few stern things and find out where the weed is before leaving the room to let his wife go full cray (and presumably to go blaze one himself).

The start of the clip does skip somewhat due to a bad connection but it does get better around the 2 minute mark. Stick it out, it’s so worth it.

Does this  “conversation” sound familiar to any of you?

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