Kid Fonque & Jullian Gomes Announce New Record Label, Stay True Sounds

Jullian Gomes_Kid Fonque

Last week was quite a big one for South African music as two industry heavyweights, Kid Fonque and Jullian Gomes announced that they have teamed up to establish a brand new record label that they’ve called Stay True Sounds.

When talking about their new venture the pair battle to contain their excitement.

“Each of us brings something different to the table” explains Gomes, “creating a new record label together really feels like the next logical step. It’s the right time to do our own thing and not feel limited by anything. Locally I couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else.”

Frequent collaborators, Kid Fonque played a pivotal role in launching Jullian Gomes’ career in his previous role as label manager of iconic imprint Soul Candi Records. Combining their industry experience and skills, the establishment of Stay True Sounds can be seen as the natural progression of a concrete working relationship that’s been built over several years.

The label’s creative agenda is simple: to unearth, nurture and present real, evocative music. Inspired by their shared experience and passion as DJs and the music knowledge, ceaseless research and collecting which supports it, Stay True Sounds aspires to deliver what they demand as music lovers, collectors, DJs and artists.

While their solid working relationship began quite some time ago, it wasn’t until 2015 when the pair hatched a plan to build their own entity. ‘Stay True Sounds’ is the next step in the journey and gives them the freedom to release any genre, engage with and develop like-minded contemporaries, and conjure new directions for established forms.

The pair of have recorded a short podcast in which they share news of the new label and it’s forthcoming releases! Listen here.



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