Kid Fonque and Red Bull present #2sidesofthebeat featuring The Layders and Jullian Gomes

This Friday, #2sidesofthebeat is back with, THE LAYDERS taking centre stage in has fast become one of the best nights out in Jozi. This six-piece musical collective immediately turns every audience into fans with their riveting funk-fuelled performances and this time they’re supported by the formidable house don JULLIAN GOMES and the man behind #2sidesofthebeat – KID FONQUE.

July celebrates the next level, nu skool players. Don’t miss out.

:: LINE-UP ::

The Layders
Jullian Gomes
Kid Fonque

Damage: R50
Doors open: 9PM

■ ABOUT The Layders

Founded in 2008 and expanded in 2011, the view through their soul-tinted lenses is a riveting panorama of musical styles Elements of neo soul, bossa nova, hip hop, house and kwaito are blended into tracks that radiate infectious funk and good times. Frequently touted as ‘ones to watch’, The Layders live up to the hype. Combining skill, imagination and  experimentation they are able to shift between genres confidently and convincingly. They’ve recently released their shimmering debut album – ‘For All Seasons’ on Soul Candi

■ ABOUT Jullian Gomes

If you haven’t heard of Jullian Gomes, you must be living under a stone. Jullian Gomes started DJ’ing in 2003 and was selected to attend the Red Bull Music Academy in 2008. Since then he’s played all over Europe and rocked a hungry crowd at last year’s Sonar festival in Barcelona. Since then he released an album on Soul Candi with his cousin as G.Family and a host of distinguished singles (including 2012’s smash hit Love Song 28). As a DJ and producer Jullian’s deep and richly-textured style of house is turning heads both locally and

Fresh , eclectic and cutting edge.. this is #2sidesofthebeat.

More about The Kid:

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