Kick Him In The JuJu Twitter Day on Friday

So as some of you may well be aware, Friday is JuJu Friday and all about Julius Malema aka Juli-ASS and his love for Twitter!

If you dont know, and forgive me if you do know, a good few heavy weight Twitterians (yes I’ve called them something that sounds very educated) have decided to spread the word that EVERYONE with a twitter account in South Africa and beyond change there profile pictures to that of a certain Mr Juli-ASS Malema.

If you struggling for pics and want to add one, just Google that twat and boooom, a Mr Hanky will pop up! Hahahaha! just kidding, don’t machine gun me! Seriously though Google that and you will have a bloody abundance of pictures to choose from! Ok, will make it easier for you click here and choose.

Even Nandos jumped onto his retarded brain vomit, sorry I mean statement (nope, actually not sorry) about Twitter.

So who is the real Julius on Twitter… Actually, who should the real Julius on Twitter be?

Is it:


Ok there like 15 more, but these are the best of the best names! (Yes we know the real one, but this game is way more fun)!

I reckon this could be and should be if it isn’t @jujumalema

So support ourselves, our great mate Bangers and Nash and all the other boys and girls of the blogging, tweeting and digital world and lets all be Juli-ASS for a day! Hey lets be honest for a oke his age, they not bad shoes to be walking in clearly!

#jujufriday on all your tweets about the man and the day!


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