Kia Take40 SA- let’s get Goodluck to #1

We’re huge fans of Goodluck over here at MyCityByNight and honestly believe that they they are the best thing to come out of South Africa musically in ages. Combine talent, humility and an incessant need to improve with every performance and song produced, you get Goodluck.

Only recently have we started supporting our own artists in the same light that we do International acts and we feel that this is a trend that needs to continue. Its really difficult for any artist to make a career out of  producing music in South Africa and Goodluck has manages to put together a world class album, without even being signed to a label. That’s why the MyCityByNight crew believes that we should do everything in our power to get our favourite musos out there for the world to see- starting with a little chart called the Kia Take40 SA on 94.5 KFM and 94.7 Highveld Stereo.

Goodluck’s epic summer anthem entitled Taking it Easy is currently sitting at the number 18 spot behind the likes of the uber crappy Westlife and Jason Derulo… Come on- they are soooo much better than that!

So we’re asking a little favour of all you MyCityByNight alumni- please take the couple of nano-seconds that it requires to go to the Kia Take40 SA website to pop Goodluck a vote… Come on- let’s get them to #1 (also you might win a Kia for a month along with some cold hard cash-bonus, everybody wins)

VOTE HERE (you have to click on Goodluck)


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