Khuli Chana shot by police

Khuli Chana shot

The breaking news this morning is that multiple award winning Artist, Khuli Chana, was WRONGFULLY shot at and also injured by police earlier this morning!

The story is that the less than competent police opened fire on Khuli Chana’s vehicle with intent to kill – apparently mistaking him for a kidnapper in the early hours of this morning (Monday), at the Caltex garage on New Road in Midrand, Jozi.

By all accounts Khuli Chana is lucky to be alive after the excessive lethal force used. He was alone at the time of the shooting, on his way to a gig in Pretoria.

There will be more details to follow in a official press statement this afternoon.

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  1. What i love in this article is: ” that the less than competent police”.
    How are we allowing less than competent people to be apart of our police force.
    They are paid to protect, not just open fire at people because they think its a perp.


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