Khoisanboy_Man – The Infinity Dialogue

All words by Lu Makoboka

Even though this album caters for a moment in time to unwind, to describe it as ‘chilled out’ would almost be disrespectful. Gershaun Lombard’s (aka Khoisanboy-Man) Infinity Dialogue is a true exhibition of what it means to be honest in a manner we can relate to, ultimately speaking to us beyond a mental plane. Throughout this folk project simplicity is acquainted with creativity since Lombard is only armed with his guitar, words and kick drum. This means that the lyrics delivered have a space and life of their own, and it’s certainly the substance of the lyrical content that provides the album with life.

The opening track, ‘Imagine If You Will’ takes the course of a common folk song although what grabs the listener’s attention is the layering of his voice that occurs throughout the album. The way the vocals are harmonized strengthen the emotions expressed and of course presents a gifted voice. Yes, I do keep mentioning emotions. One can define this as a ‘deep’ project since Lombard comes across as vulnerable in the way in delivers his lyrics. In ‘The Forever Lullaby’ he touches on habits that he, in fact, habits that we all are dissatisfied with yet we continue to do regardless of our feelings – almost as if we’re helpless. That fact that we are expected to be friendly and reasonably happy in society also doesn’t help since it covers how we really feel. The project is far from melancholic though. ‘Still Wide Awake’ is the spring of our winter with a catchy chorus and an upbeat spirit. It is ironic that it comes right after ‘The Forever Lullaby” as the lyrics are fueled by optimism, especially when he states “I’m part of a grand design”.

Another track that has a punch to it is ‘Immortalizing Infinity’. The tempo and the opening chords used is reminiscent of a golden oldies rock song, but everything changes… New riffs are introduced and the concept of the song is very relevant in this day and age. We could lock a memory in our mental and physical memory bank though pictures, or actually live in the moment. Either way, with each moment we are coming closer and closer to death. The use of reverb and delay near the end is refreshing to hear since the listener becomes so accustomed the sound of his guitar. In its entirety the lyrics in The Infinity Dialogue act as a mirror of some of our thoughts and daily living in today’s society. It’s not just the kind of album where you could appreciate the art but also learn from the messages within it.

This 20-minute offering from Khoisanboy-Man could be compared to the works of Xavier Rudd, particularly since the influence of culture could be traced within the music.

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