KFC Worker Goes Full Retard!

Firstly, let me start off by saying… You NEVER EVER go full retard!

Now I would be lying if I said that munching on a dirty bird wasn’t a favourite of mine every now and then.

This guy however is proof that working there or having too many can make you mad!

Now this has to be Durban (without stereotyping), and if you the guy that went mental or if you the guy that filmed this, please step forward and let us salute you and get both sides of the story because this is hilarious!

Spread the word and we will even give you a prize of sorts for either finding the guys or stepping forward!

Enjoy the show!

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    1. Hahaha! Don’t mean too, just the okes at the end have a Durban accent and are in vests! Its kuk cold in London 😉

    1. How do you know this Fish? So now we have Australia, South Africa and England as the choices. 3 fairly similar countries. I like 😉

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