KFC Tower Raiders


“Go and play outside” is what my mom always used to tell me. She had this notion that no good could ever come from indoor activities. I’m happy to say that she was wrong.

There are plenty of ways to pass the time while sitting in front of your computer screen- Googling pictures of cats in strange hats, sending chain mails about some guy in a dark room and playing games. None of these is really very productive at all, there’s no pay off other than becoming really dexterous from overuse of your keyboard. Until now…

KFC has come up with a brand new way to market the brand (as if they needed it – KFC is simply unstoppable as a hangover cure) that is based on the old school space invaders games of yesteryear. The game is called Tower Raiders and it is an online flash game that involves you defending your Tower burger from the advances of hungry friends (like Kreg, who always steals stuff off my plate).

Now you’re probably wondering, how excited can one possibly get over a little online flash game? Well, the answer is: Very. You see KFC has loaded the game so that the highest scores per day have a chance of winning R500 as well as being entered into the draw for the massive R25k prize at the end of the campaign. I’ve literally been playing non-stop in the hope of gaining myself some cold hard cash to spend at the jol this weekend – unfortunately I’m not very good. You on the other hand might have better luck than me at taking the daily prize (if you do, how’s about getting me a drink for telling you about it?).

See mom, playing TV games can make you rich (well kind of).

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