KFC South Africa’s Latest Advert Mocking Brazil’s Neymar Is Going Viral!


Our beautiful country is known for many amazing attributes, one of those being our keen eye for film and marketing and, the many amazing creatives and agencies that are outsourced daily across the globe because, heck we’re just that talented!

KFC ‘s latest advert demonstrates just how ingenious our creative leaders are with a witty FIFA themed commercial that’s been going viral across the globe. The commercial is a less than subtle jab at one of Brazils star players, Neymar. The footballer became the internets chew toy after an absurd display of drama and anguish during their match with Mexico on Monday.  Neymar dives violently after a rather small amount of contact from his Mexican opponent in an obviously fake display of pain. 

Watch KFC troll the Brazilian footballer with their brilliant new advert and the original clip of Neymar below with some the internets best blows!

Trevor Noah also chimes in on Neymar with a little defense for the South American football legend on TMZ.

Neymar’s Dive of the Century


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