KFC Double Down, would you?


What do you think of this? Two pieces of Bacon, two strips of cheese and two piece of boneless chicken fillet all stacked on either side of the cheese and bacon to make a “sandwich” with out any buns! I guess KFC are trying their best to lower the amount of starch you have but increase the amount of fat you have or just lower the amount of starch intake. I must admit though, this does look mouth watering. I wonder if it will make it’s way down to SA. I would like to get my hands on it or atleast to try it. The burger… Oh, sorry, I mean sandwich was launched in USA on the 12th of April and I can only imagine the yanks must have gone mental for a bite of this. Check out the advert for the KFC double down in America:

There is no room for a bun this product is so dam meaty. They even give you the choice to have it fried (They call it their “Original Recipe”) or have it grilled but I guess either way, you are going to be eating loads of fatty chicken and bacon and cheese for that matter. For any of you calory counters out there, this is what the KFC Double Down consists nutritional value:

kfc double down

Just to give you a little breakdown in nutritional value of competitive burgers/sandwichs (In the USA) take a look here:

  • McDonalds Big Mac – 540 calories, 10g saturated fat
  • McDonalds Crispy Chicken Club Sandwich – 660 calories, 8g saturated fat
  • Burger King Whopper w/Cheese – 760 calories, 16g saturated fat
  • Subway Cold Cut Combo – 410 calories, 7g saturated fat

I am super keen to try it and so are many others in South Africa. Its been the talk across a couple of blogs as well as food and restuarant sites. It has even got itself a facebook group called Bring the Double Down to SA, KFC group, if you would like to throw your weight around and add some pressure onto KFC about bringing down this bunless meal of joy to any fat loving, grease eating KFC fan, then (click here)

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  1. SIS… i used to eat KFC but then i found out about the way they not only farm/grow their chickens and but the way shit gets done in the kitchen.

    a friend went into the kitchen of a KFC here in CPT the other day as part of an inspection… lying on the kitchen floor and hid under the counters were trays full of old oil, and breeding in this old oil was alot of maggots… this was just the tip of the ice berg and i wont even go into further detail…

    as good as it looks, this shit is the devil. i am personally over eating genetically modified food, prepared in the most cost effective, unethical means possible! consumer mindsets are shifting and in my opinion the days of KFC/mcDonalds etc are numbered!

    just remember… 'what you put in, is what you gonna get out!'

  2. I see where you coming from and I can only imagine what goes on in those Kitchens James, but I have to try one! *Kreg feeling super unhealthy*

    I agree with you to an extent about the days being numbered for KFC/MacDonalds as they are so blady unhealthy, but then again, they have got such a strong market share I dont particulary see this happening any time soon. But then again, who knows with the way health regulations and "green living" is going…

    Just one… chicken, cheese, bacon…. yum!

  3. GM foods are quite simply the way of the future. As much as organic proponents try hitting you with "it's evil!", fact is, the majority of the human race disagrees with you.

    If that were not the case, the picture would be different. Sadly, the average joe wants maximum chicken/beef/pork at minimum cost and doesn't give a toss where it comes from.

    And yeah, I'll try the Double Down at least once. Someone described it as the "poor man's cordon bleu", which I happen to be a huge fan of already 🙂

    ~ Wogan

  4. @Wogan: I am one of those people who are part of the majority. I think most people would definitely give it a try, dare I say it, atleast once and seeing as though you are a huge fan of Cordon Bleu, then I guess you might just enjoy it 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by!

  5. Why don't u just make it at home kreg go buy two fillets take it home and tell sandy whip up some bacon, slap on the cheese and wham u got one 😉

  6. Sounds like an awesome idea Onaj, BUT, I want that special KFC flavour, you know what I mean 🙂 What do you think of this Double Down, would you have one? try one? buy one?

  7. I'll pass on the bacon, actually I would hate to have greasy finger in the drive thru, nandos ftw! Hot half chicken (two breast portions) is the best hold the chips and just two bottles of water, hmm I think I figured out what's for lunch 🙂

  8. Good choice for lunch there bro!

    Can only imagine how siff your fingers would be after chowing one of these bad boys… oh and minus the bacon on yours, forgot about that! I am definitely going to try one still if it makes it way down here!

  9. Haha just had my lunch time beego and watched the video… And although I don't condone it, I would def try it once 🙂

    Nandos Ftw

  10. The video is very enticing, makes me want it quite badly! although I will still take a nando's over KFC anyday!

  11. I just want to try it once… maybe twice. As long as you don't abuse it and eat it every day. I dont see a problem with it.

  12. Hey food blog, thanks for dropping by… my only issue with this is, if I try it once, I know I will probably enjoy it and eat it more then once or twice. I mean, I have to try this if it comes here…

    I doubt I could ever eat KFC every day, lol, thats pushing it!

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