Kevin Smith to Direct Jay And Silent Bob’s New VR Series.

Last year Jay And Silent Bob fans were elated to hear of a new film in the works titled Jay & Silent Bob Reboot – which follows the story of two unseeming heroes trying to stop Hollywood from rebooting the “Bluntman and Chronic” movie. To even further solidify their return the duo announced last week that they would be returning to VR alongside STXsurreal as part of their new VR slate with their very own exclusive series.The show will premier on the Surreal Channel that will be launching as an app on VR headsets later this year.

The entire series will be written, directed and produced by the legend and brand creator himself Kevin Smith aka Silent Bob.Viewers will also assume the role of Silent Bob and will join Jay (Jason Mewes) on all his absurd and outlandish shenanigans.

While this is all the information we have, for now, we hope we can expect an upcoming trailer soon! In the meantime, check out how far the cult duo has come over the years with the “Untold Truth of Jay And Silent Bob” courtesy of Looper as well as Jason Mewes’ talk about the new film, VR, Clerks and more at Saratoga Comic Con this past weekend.




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